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Spray foam insulation represents a great way to ensure that you will deliver an energy efficient structure for your clients. The process is easy to plan for and implement as part of your overall design strategy. Another benefit is the creation of a better building envelope as part of an healthier air flow plan combined with energy efficiency and moisture reduction.

Spray Foam Creates A Better Building Envelope and Delivers Superior Energy Savings.

Spray foam insulation creates a better building envelope, outperforming alternatives like fiberglass insulation, delivering better long-term energy savings and even adds to the strength of the structure itself. This represents a real permanent insulation solution and will not sag or deform. Another real long term benefit is reduced strain on HVAC system in terms of capacity, wear and required maintenance.

Spec Healthier Buildings.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Lung Association (ALA), all share in the concern that the air in most facilities is likely to be ten times more polluted than the air outside. The EPA rated indoor air pollution as one of the five most urgent environmental issues, accounting for over $1 billion annually in direct health care costs. For most people, this is shocking news. The news is even more distressing to over 75 million North Americans who suffer from asthma or other health problems.

OK, but Isn't Spray Foam Insulation More Costly?

Spray foam insulation if considered in isolation against competing methods does look like it's more expensive up front to specify. But consider the fact that often times no other costly building wrap or other form of vapor barrier is required if you specify Spray Foam Insulation— it has these benefits built in, saving you from the expense of specifying those things. The other consideration is that Spray Foam Insulation is just plain more effective with an average aged R-Value of 6.0 per one inch thickness. This allows Spray Foam Insulation to provide a better thermal barrier with less insulating material than any other insulation system out there. Reports of up to 30% greater energy savings on utility bills are common when compared to other insulation systems. The bottom line for your clients is that the insulation can pay for itself in under five years typically.

Featured Technology

With an improved yeild and a higher R-Value, Icynene ProSeal takes closed cell spray foam insulation to the next level of optimal performance.


CAFCO® BLAZE-SHIELD® HP  is an inorganic, Portland cement based, medium density Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Material (SFRM) designed to provide fire protection for structural steel in commercial construction.


K-13 is the spray-applied insulation tailored to your specific project requirements for insulation (R value), noise reduction (NRC), color, durability, condensation control, texture, and aesthetics.


CAFCO Passive Fireproofing Technology® An extensive product line which includes solutions to every fire protection design requirement including Commercial, Medium, and High density Spray-Applied Fire Resistive Materials, Intumescent Coatings, and Rigid Boards.

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