Get to Know Us by our Projects in both The Commercial & Residential Spheres... Spray foam Insulation will yield the best results over time for all applications

Spray Foam Insulation is easy to plan for and implement as a part of your overall construction plan. It's also the most efficient long-term insulation out there.

ASI Case Studies


Northampton Community College (NCC):

The Bethlehem, Pa. campus has been a customer of ASI’s since the mid 1980s when we installed their first Spray Foam Roof. Over the 25 plus years they have chosen Spray Foam Roofing as there re-roofing solution for over 85,000 sq ft of their roofs. We were able to stop the leaks and reduce the facilities energy cost through the application of Spray Foam Roofing. A Spray Foam Roofing Systems was the ideal choice to tackle the building elevation changes and penetrations. The application of spray foam (Foam Lok 2.8) eliminates the need for cutting and piecing together of material as required by other types of roofing systems. Seam, counter flashings and fasteners are all eliminated through the use of spray foam roofing technology.